Save $2 on Dr. Scholl’s For Her

Save $2 on Dr. Scholl's For Her

Save $2 on Dr. Scholl's For Her

Women love their heels, that’s true. They’re stylish, they make us look good, and some of us just really enjoy the height boost. But as drop dead gorgeous as they are, sometimes they can be just too much on our poor feet. That’s where Dr. Scholl’s comes in. They have a line of products for her, so that you can wear those heels, but avoid some of that nasty pain that is sometimes a side effect. Their latest product is the Fast Flats. They are stylish flats that can be folded and rolled up to fit anywhere. They also come with a nice little clutch to be carried in. You can take them with you anywhere, just in case those heels start to hurt just a little too much. Just whip out your pretty flats and you’re good to go, pain free. Follow this link to learn more about Dr. Scholl’s products for her, and to receive a coupon for $2 off.

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Get a Free Copy of Slow Cookin’ Magic from Mr. Food

Free copy of Slow Cookin Magic

My slow cooker is one of my favorite kitchen gadgets. I throw my ingredients in before I leave for work, and come home to a fully prepared meal. What could be easier than that? Another thing I love is that there are a ton of recipes that can be modified or are specifically designed to be made in the slow cooker. Mr. Food is offering a free copy of Slow Cookin’ Magic. This is a recipe book especially for the slow cooker, just packed with all kinds of great ideas for you to try out with your family. It’s free!

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